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Laurel or Yanni? Star Wars or Star trek? Britney or Christina? Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? These famous debates will stand the course of time but in the marketing world it’s all about “SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Facebooks ads” and where you should put your money. It’s the battle between the old world of SEO/SEM marketers
I wanted to write this post to SIMPLY discuss how the Facebook ad auction works in a way that most people, and not just experienced marketers, can understand. Lets first break it down: Facebook Algorithm: BEAR (Credit: Facebook) The above is a picture from Facebook detailing how the ad auction works. It’s what’s know as “BEAR”. First part is the
With GDPR being talked about so much, I thought I’d give a quick breakdown as to what this means and how it affects your business. (Note: even if you’re a marketing agency, you can be held responsible for marketing done using data that is not GDPR compliant) Let’s begin by answering “what is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?” It’s a


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