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Surprisingly, I’ve been getting this question a lot from business leaders. They all run successful companies that have done ZERO social media. I’m talking about not even one post. These guys sit across the table from me and ask me if they now NEED to. The answer is simple … No. You don’t NEED to do anything. Plenty of companies
Let’s go back 5 years, to when I took the biggest risk of my life. I set out to build a t-shirt brand. So I quit my job and went full on, headfirst into one of the most competitive industries out there, and launched True Rivalry. Maybe it was my blindness, lack of experience or naivete that didn’t even make
As I sat down preparing to write this post, I contemplated which topic I should choose to begin this new journey. Although my first instinct was to share my insights on social media and marketing, I felt drawn to write more about what the essence of what this blog is all about — It’s not on anyone else, it’s always on you.


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