6 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Using Digital Marketing Effectively

November 22, 2022

When you think about the opportunity to generate revenue online, you should be excited. From the comfort of your home, you can sell digital information products and create passive income — you literally have sales while you sleep.

4.5 billion people worldwide use the Internet every day and that number will only increase as the world grows.

While the opportunity is real, not enough businesses fully harness the power of digital marketing. If you want to generate substantial revenue online, make sure you’re not missing these six areas.

1. Your website is confusing.

When someone comes to your website, you have about seven to thirty-seven seconds to convince them to stay and look around. If your website is too confusing, they are gone, and possibly forever.

A simple and clean website without too many tabs is the best for conversions. It should be very clear what you want people to do once they visit your website. Your website should be the best representation of your business.

2. Your about page is a miss.

Consumers are looking for a real connection. One of the best places to make that connection is on the about page of your website. When you write your about page in the third person and make it one long lost of your accomplishments, you miss the chance to make that connection.

Most people will know you wrote your about page, so they will think you’re putting yourself on a pedestal. Write your about page in the first person and tell the story behind your business. You will make a connection that turns into business later.

3. You are not building an email list.

Nowadays, building a huge social media following is a priority. While social media plays a huge role in marketing, it is not the best way to build your audience online. When you rely on social media, you are setting yourself up for disappointment when the social media platforms decide to make a change.

When someone signs up for your email list, you have a more intimate and controllable opportunity to talk to them. The organic reach of email is a lot higher than social media.

4. You are not actively building an audience online.

The lifeblood of any business is new business. You have to actively build your audience online through methods such as getting interviewed on podcasts, writing for large media publications, getting exposure on YouTube, and more. There are great options for anyone looking to build their business through digital marketing.

5. You are not selling consistently.

Selling doesn’t feel natural at times, but is necessary and especially online. Keep in mind that it will take someone seeing what you offer more than a few times before it clicks in their mind. While it feels like you are always selling, the reality is you don’t really know who has seen what you offer.

6. You don’t have multiple streams.

Relying on any one thing is dangerous. The most common way for businesses to make money is actually through services. The passive side of a business is a mystery to many.

When clients stop coming, your business could die. Having multiple streams helps you deliver stability and peace of mind. As much as possible, diversify. You can grow and scale through digital marketing.

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