Embrace Curiosity and Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Success

October 17, 2023

We entrepreneurs often find ourselves resorting to the phrase "I don't know" when faced with tough questions or unfamiliar situations. But guess what? Saying those three words can hold us back and hinder our business growth. Perhaps there's a more empowering way...

When we say "I don't know," we literally close the door to critical thinking and limit our potential. We avoid being uncomfortable in thought and cop out by saying it.

Instead, let's adopt a mindset of curiosity and continuous learning... Rather than dismissing a question, acknowledge it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and perspective.

One of my coaches taught me how to do this in our recent conversation. Replace "I don't know" with "I haven't considered that," and you shift the focus from a dead end to a starting point for exploration.

This response shows a willingness to engage with new ideas and signals an open mind. It's an invitation to dive deeper into the topic and seek knowledge that can benefit your entrepreneurial endeavors.

When faced with a query, ask yourself: Is it something worth exploring? If the answer is yes, take action and begin to think about the reason or search for the answer. If not, discard and move on.

Commit yourself to learning more about the topic, researching, seeking advice, and tapping into resources that can provide insights. Or simply... actually THINK about it. Embrace the opportunity to grow and expand your expertise.

Curiosity is the driving force behind innovation and success. By replacing "I don't know" with a mindset of exploration, you unlock a world of possibilities.

Remember, you have the power to seek answers and find solutions. Embrace the unknown, don't shy away from the challenges, and never pull back from becoming better at thinking things through.

I'm working on banning the phrase "I don't know" from my vocabulary. If it's worth thinking about, I need to become a better critical thinker.

You should do the same.

PS. If you want help on learning more about this and how I coach my own clients on this any many more topics... or how we can help grow your business, book a discovery call here.

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