Here’s How to Stand Out From Your Competition

March 15, 2022

With the growth of the Internet, the opportunity for businesses has almost become limitless. It’s created a central place to tell potential customers who you are and how you can help. While the opportunity is great, there will always be competitors doing what you do and trying to reach your consumers.

There has always been a need to stand out. Much has been written about the topic. If this were a business problem that had been solved, this article would be pointless.

There’s an easy road that too many entrepreneurs take. This road is when you see a successful business and you try to copy. Copying — even if they are successful — doesn’t lead to growth.

Here are four simple ways to stand out in today’s crowded world of entrepreneurship.

1. Honor what you say.

It’s amazing how many businesses that don’t keep the promises they’ve made. What should be simple is an opportunity for you to stand out if you do what you advertised. Even if it costs you more, over-deliver on what your business has advertised.

Keeping your word is the foundation of a strong business, and one that has the potential to withstand anything. Stand out from your competition by doing something that should be a standard practice in business, but isn’t. If you can’t deliver — don’t promise. Be realistic in what services you can provide, and in what time frame.

2. Don’t claim other people’s ideas as your own.

It’s natural to want to copy. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs became who they are because they modeled success. People buy from a business they know, like and trust. They can never get there if they don’t know the real person behind the business.

When you are original, you stand out. Take general strategy and make it unique to you. People will respect you more for telling the truth — sadly, that’s rare in entrepreneurship.

3. Don’t lose your focus.

With the growth of the Internet has come a new kind of access to people, knowledge, and strategies.

Every day, you can see an acquaintance post about the latest and must use strategies, software, or hardware. There’s always a new social network to join. Before you know it, you’ve wasted your time doing something that won’t help you reach your goals.

One measure of success is you ability to filter. There will always be a new gadget or social network or strategy, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your business. Everything has its place and time, and it’s important to never lose your balance. Focus on what will help your next steps. Focus on one thing at a time. Focus on what will help your customers the most.

4. Be consistent.

Someone getting help with their problems is the reason they do business with you. If your business doesn’t solve some kind of problem, you won’t be in business very long.

There are a thousand different things to focus on. You stand out when your focus is on your customer’s needs. Listen to what customers are saying their biggest struggles are, and then map put a strategy to help them.

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. Your competition doesn’t have to get business that should be yours. What should be common sense is surprisingly original. Be true to who you are and the vision for your business.

Focus on your customer and honor what you advertise. You will build a business that sees consistent growth.

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