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Great salespeople are magicians. They generate revenue and build businesses out of nothing. At least it seems this way to most people. Being proficient in sales is a skill like anything else that comes with building a company. The people who rock at sales have a lot of practice and have experienced tons of rejection. Most people say they hate
Today, I’m going to show you how I helped a client turn around their failing sales funnel, and drive a return of over 100x on their monthly revenue. Want to see how? Read on. One of my clients was making $2,500 in monthly revenue when we first met and was trying to build their business. Their biggest issue? Not getting
I prefer not to have a five-year plan. In entrepreneurship today, this feels like a cardinal sin. People want to know exactly what you see for myself and my business, every year, for the next five. But there is a big problem with plans: they are not reliable. Planning means thinking about the future, which for entrepreneurs is synonymous with


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